Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Constipation


Are you Constipated and bloated?

Do you often experience abdominal pain with cramps?

Did you try everything just to be temporary relieved without any improvement?

Are you tired of laxatives that damage your colon and health?

You are just one of many others in desperate search for improvement of their health and spend hundreds on products that don’t help. Maybe you have heard that your health starts in your colon, and you are very concerned about that.

Do you know that according to National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC): No cure has been found for IBS, but many options are available to treat the symptoms! Do you know that according to the same source constipation is treated like a symptom, too? That’s right Symptoms! Like trying to get rid of a poisonous tree by cutting of the branches, instead of going to the root.

Would you allow me to share my experience with you?

I suffered from chronic constipation and IBS for more than five years, and as a result of lack of regular bowl movement I gained over 20 lbs! I did everything to find relief — exercise, eat a lot of raw veggies and fruits, drink a lot of water (little did I know that the very water can be causing the problem), avoid carbonated drinks and fast food. My son would notice often that I eat less than his little sister. I knew that every bite I took wouldn’t leave my body and would only rot in my intestines. I was desperately searching for a remedy that can cure my problems – chronic constipation and IBS. I was spending hours searching for the best products, and I wasted hundreds to find help — fiber, expensive colon cleansing products, laxatives, and colonics only to be extremely disappointed again — nothing brought me the permanent improvement — a natural regular bowl movement. My doctor agreed to send me for a colonoscopy. After the procedure I was relieved to know that there is no physical change in my colon – just the dark pigmentation that usually occurs as a result of using laxatives and other colon cleansing products.

In that time of desperate search for help, a friend introduced me to alkaline/ionized water, also known as Kangen water. I was not exited; actually I was very skeptic. My husband, who is an electro technology engineer and currently working for the UCLA Medical Center, was more confident in giving it a try. After a very detailed research, he found the right machine that incorporates the newest technology at a very reasonable price, offered by TYENT and ordered it. I started drinking the water – 3qt per day. Let me tell you something, it’s the best water that I’ve ever drank. It’s easily absorbed by the body and is very smooth and soothing because it is made up of smaller molecular clusters than regular water.

Two months after I started drinking alkaline/ionized water, my natural regular bowl movement was fully restored! No IBS anymore, no bloated stomach, no constipation, cramps, or unexpected diarrhea. Since then, I have not taken a single pill.

But I noticed some other improvements, as well. My skin is smoother and shinier. Due to the high antioxidation power of the alkaline/ionized water, I feel a lot more energy; I don’t feel tired and sluggish any more. Getting out of the bed in the morning is not a struggle. My life is better!

If drinking alkaline/ionized water helped me, it can help you, too!

This is the real personal testimony of a woman we know very well.