Water ionizers are a relatively new science in the United States, but it should be noted, the popularity of water ionizers in Asia is astounding. In Korea, one household in five has a water ionizer. In Japan, it is one in six. Those are impressive numbers.

There are big advantages drinking and cooking with alkali water, and using acid water externally.

But let me ask you this:
Do you drink water and do you know how much does it cost you?

For example we are a family of 5 and we use to by water in bottles. Despite the fact we were getting the brands on sell, we were spending at least $80 per month plus CRV plus tax!

This is more than $6,000 for a 5 year period without even counting the inconvenience of going to a store every time to buy and carry those heavy bottles and under the assumption that the prices of the bottled water will remain the same over the years!!! On top of that those disposable bottles leach Bisphenol A in the water, they are not good for your health and bad for the environment.

As you can see, if you stop buying bottled water and start using a Tyent Water Ionizing Machine, it will brake even in less than 5 years! On top of that the Tyent machine comes with Lifetime Warranty.

Still not convinced?

You may ask “OK, but how about the cost of tap water I have to pay?” Well, let’s see how much water we use for drinking if we use tap water only:

Here is how the water is used in a household in average:

As you can see the water used for drinking is a very small fraction of the water used in the household (only about 3%). With that said, the water ionizer pays for itself in the first 5years and then you drink practically free water with unprecedented health benefits, producing it right in your home and always fresh. On top of that there is no bottled water with the same qualities in terms of antioxidant, alkaline pH and smaller molecular cluster as the Tyent Ionized Water. Get a Tyent Water Ionizer and you will never run out of drinking water ever again.

Here are some more facts:

Tyent Water Ionizers are comprised of only the highest quality material, which is why it out performs every other ionizer tested in both pH and ORP measurements. Here’s why:

Huge pH range – The Tyent Water Ionizers produce pH levels and ORP measurements that outperform the competition. 

Lowest ORP Levels – ORP measures the Oxidation Reduction Potential of the ionized water. This is arguably the most important benefit of ionized water. The lower the negative number (measured in mv) the more antioxidants the water contains.

Assignable pH levels – All other machines have preset buttons of pH levels. It is impossible for these preset levels to be accurate because of changes in source water. You have ability to adjust your pH levels based on your source water so you always know what you are drinking.

Filtration – Tyent machines have 2 filters. Most water ionizers only have a single filter that is often insufficient for removing harmful substances in source water.  The Tyent machine has many stages of filtration which includes various types of ceramic and carbon.

Ease of use – You touch the LCD screen and perfect water comes out. Touch it again and it stops. It’s that easy. Customization is a cinch and installation is just as easy.

Power – The Tyent Water Ionizers do not use a transformer since Ionizers don’t react well with heat. Instead, they are equipped with a SMPS power distribution system. When transformers get hot, they over use electricity and they are not environmentally friendly. It’s that easy.  Our SMPS method stays cool, clean and efficient.  Many other Ionizer companies are trying to license our patented SMPS technology.

Quality – The secret of Tyent is the size and quality of the platinum coated titanium plates along with the way in which they are powered in order to to accomplish alkalinization.

Aesthetics – Simply put, the Tyent ionizers are one of the best looking in the industry.

Much more including – Self-cleaning, auto shutoff, flow control, faucet diverter + under sink option. The machine even talks to you if you want, but you have the option of turning it off.

So, there you have it. The choice is as clear as our water. Tyent water ionizers are superior in every way. What are you waiting for?

Order your water ionizer with free shipping and bonus package now!