Tyent ACE Ultra Filter Set: Fits 11 & 13 Plate ACE Countertop Water Ionizers


ACE 11 Ultra PLUS Filter Replacement Set


Best Water Ionizer Filtration in the World!

.01 Micron – Same Micron As Kidney Dialysis Machines

Dual Set Filters to 99.9% Purity

Primary ACF Fiber Active Carbon Filter Removes Rust, Dregs, Chlorine, VOCs Plus

Secondary Composite Ceramic Filter with Ion Ceramic to Create Electrolytes

Tyent’s Ultra Filter Set for the ACE-11 uses a .01 micron filtration level, the same as what is used in kidney dialysis machines. “Ultra Plus” filtration ensures the PUREST, HEALTHIEST and SAFEST alkaline water available on earth. Witness the Amazing Taste and Health Benefits from Tyent’s Ultra Filters for the ACE-11.